Walk of Faith Empowerment Sessions

Faith is not an easy concept.  As you matriculate through each session, you will become intimate with the core principles that are required to walk by faith as a daily lifestyle. By exploring the key words; Fullness, Belief and Trust, you will begin to understand what you believe, why you believe it and how this shapes your perception of faith. 

We believe that to truly absorb this information and have it become a daily lifestyle, you need knowledge, revelation and application.  Therefore, our empowerment sessions are held annually during the summertime, where we provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical application.   We then rely on the Holy Spirit to bring you revelation to enable you to apply this to your life the remaining parts of the year. To help you alongyour journey, we also provide supplemental information, workshops, a retreat and tons of encouragement.  

The Foundation of Faith
Faith is the essence of what most Christians believe.  However, the real journey is living by faith. This class facilitates a therapeutic walk through the tunnels of your mind to analyze the perceptions and misconceptions of what you believe to determine your level of faith. You will then receive the tools you need to move to another level and encounter God in a new way.  Do you know what it really means to live by faith?  Join the Walk of Faith class today.​

Facing Your Giants
Everyone has giants; obstacles that prevent you from walking in your destiny and living your full life.  A giant can be described as shame, rejection, deception, religion, self hatred, emotional wounds or any other negative influence that you play over and over in your mind.  The important factor is to face these giants and recognize what they really are, a mere delusion from the enemy that inhibits an area of your life. 

Willful or Willing Vessels
“Are you a willing vessel or willful vessel?” We are all familiar with a car’s GPS (Global Positioning System) that provide directions.  How often do we input the destination and begin to drive only to choose to go in, what we consider to be a better direction? 

In this class, we will discover who is at the will of your life circumstances and whose directions you choose to follow.  We will examine the words; will, willful, willing and guide to explore the true force that is driving you and your decisions.  You will leave this class with a clear understanding to the question "Are you a willful or willing vessel?" and a strategy to increase your willingness.