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Are you experiencing a revolving door in your ministry and it seems like your members are falling away?

Are you facing division in your leadership?

Do you just feel inconsistent in your ministry and need some help moving forward?

Many pastors and bishops face these same crossroads and they have to determine the next step in their ministry.  The key is understanding that size does not matter, preparation does. Are you prepared for the size that you are or the size that you are going to be?

Stop thinking about the lack and start preparing for the growth. LR Ministries is committed to helping individuals, leaders, churches & organizations succeed in a globalized world who culturally is evolving. The old rules of how to do ministry no longer applies for the 21st century. Ministries stuck in religious thinking, rather than objective centric thinking will become stagnant. However, ministries who are prepared for a multicultural ministry will triumph.

You Can Survive your transition…And we can help